May 18, 2007

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Friday Keynote

Rails: the framework for arrogant bastards. -Chad Fowler

DHH’s Keynote

Celebrating what we have

  • > 1 million downloads
  • hundreds of plugins
  • ~10k people on rubyonrails-talk
  • who gets paid to code rails? way over half the room raises a hand
  • tons of new books
  • several new editors and ide’s

A peak at rails 2.0

  • won’t be a unicorn
  • it’s all about making things nicer one thing at a time
  • david is demoing creating an address book from scratch during the presentation, try that in another language :)
  • I realize this is important to show how to use the new stuff but I’ve been doing this for several months so it’s kind of boring.
  • 24 controllers in highrise and 22 are restful – point: this stuff actually works in real applications
  • shopify is using active resource for their new marketplace thing
  • fluxiom uses active resource
  • rails is not switzerland, it is opinionated (action web service no longer with rails 2.0, in its place is active resource)
  • friends and allies
    • ajax
    • rest
    • openid

9 other things i like about rails 2

  • breakpoints are back
    • ruby-debug is the new debugger
    • showing video of how to use the debugger, looks really nice
    • you can go up, down, backtrace and introspect
  • http performance
    • even on the fastest connections, it really matters
    • it’s good to separate out javascript files but only in development not in deployment
      • <%= javascript_include_tag :all, :cache => true %>
      • <%= stylesheet_include_tag :all, :cache => true %>
    • also can cheat by using wildcard asset hosts (ie:,
      • config.action_controller.asset_host = ‘’
  • query cache
  • action.mimetype.renderer
  • config.initializers
    • much simpler now, config/initializers to separate out individual initializers and allows sharing across apps
  • Sexy migrations
    • great story because it started as a plugin
    • flip the declaration of the type and name of column, allows to create several columns of the same type all at once
  • http authentication
    • use to poo poo but that was when he only made html applications
    • bad fit for graphical client, great fit for api
  • The MIT assumption
    • licenses are hard
    • use MIT if you just want to share code
    • script/generate plugin assumes MIT now
  • Spring cleaning
    • rails is getting crufted, so now it’s time to clean things out
    • deprecated things are getting fully removed and moved into plugins (such as in_place_editor)

I’ll be posting session summaries immediately following each one that I attend so stay tuned here. Also, I might be live blogging some of them.


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