Giving Mailers, Observers and Sweepers Their Own Space

I can admit it. I am not a huge fan of video on the web, mostly because you cannot scan a video and I am a big time scanner. That said, Peepcode and Railscasts have shown me where video can really be leveraged to help someone understand a concept that would take too long to write a post about. Well, I decided to give it a whirl. I am not happy with the overall quality of the video, but it is good enough for now. I’ll work on video settings and such as I go along.

Videos Will Have Their Own Pages

Putting a video in the content column here would force a video too small to be worth watching, so I will be setting up separate pages for concepts that would be better covered with video. These pages will include code samples, related links and the embedded video. Do not worry, there is not another feed to subscribe to. Each time I make a screencast, I will be sure to create a related article here.

The First Railstips Screencast

Ok, enough of that, on to the first screencast for RailsTips. I have never really liked having my mailers, observers and sweepers all pushed into app/models, especially that mailers use views in app/views. Over that past months, I have amalgamated some stuff I picked up on the web and started using that instead. Let me know if you find the video helpful or have suggestions for improvements.

Quicktime Giving Mailers, Observers and Sweepers Their Own Space


  1. Enjoyed the video. I have made it a habit to have observers/sweepers in their own directory, but never really thought of pulling out the mailers, too. Makes perfect sense, and I think your implementation is very clean.

  2. great video, ill reorganize tomorrow, just so much cleaner :)

    - please add comments to the video pages
    - video player is strange (no play/pause/timeline) at least on ubuntu

    i usually autoload my observers, makes life easier:

  3. @Nate – Cool. Glad you like it.

    @grosser – That sucks about the controls. I’m using quicktime with some Javascript I found online. Eventually I’ll embed the video with flash which will be a little more cross platform.

  4. Very nice, going to implement this later tonight. Hope to see more videos myself. Was using a sweepers directory actually, but the mailers directory got me excited.

  5. That directory structure does feel cleaner. Good job with the video too.

  6. Glad people have enjoyed the idea.

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