RailsConf 2009

This week is RailsConf and I decided kind of last minute to attend. Steve, the other half of Ordered List, will also be there, though mostly just to hang out.

My first RailsConf was in 2007 and I blogged my little heart out (summary). Last year, I took a different approach and just posted a summary of the whole thing.

This year I’m going to take a different approach than the previous two. I’m planning on mostly just walking around with a moleskin and my new camera. I found the moleskin approach worked pretty well for the sessions I used it with at RubyConf last year, so I’m going to give it a shot for a whole conference. I took better notes and was less distracted than if I used my computer.

Say Hi!

If you see me and I don’t see you, be sure to say hi. Each conference I meet more and more people and I want this one to be no different. Meeting people really is the best part of any conference. If you don’t know what I look like, here is a picture of me enjoying a blueberry dessert a la mode. I’m guessing from this you can figure out what I look like without the blueberry dessert. :)

John Nunemaker

Don’t worry, though I look angry in the picture, I am actually blissfully happy. Also, I spend about 95% of the time with a smile on my face.

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  1. I won’t be there to say hello, but with a bowl of ice cream like that – how could you not have a smile on your face?

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