January 13, 2006

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How to install Rails on a Debian Linux server

If you’re running a Debian Linux server or workstation, the Debian Administration site has [a helpful tutorial on how to install Ruby on Rails](http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/329).

> Most of you have probably heard of Ruby on Rails and may be wondering what exactly it does and how you can try it for yourself. Put simply, Rails is a web application framework that uses the model-view-controller software design pattern to allow for rapid development of web applications. This article will cover how to install Rails on Debian and how to configure it to work with Apache and a relational database of your choice.

The tutorial includes everything from installing the base Ruby install all the way through configuring Apache and FastCGI for deploying your Rails application.

Update @ 2:07 pm:

I just came across [another tutorial on installing Rails on a Debian Linux box](http://old.bougyman.com/RailsonDebian.html) that specifies using Lighttpd instead of FastCGI. This one also goes through just about every step to set everything up from scratch.


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