February 28, 2006

Posted by John

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What's coming in Rails 1.1?

Scott Raymond has put together [an excellent breakdown of what’s included in the next Rails version](http://scottraymond.net/articles/2006/02/28/rails-1.1).

> It’s been just over two months since the Rails 1.0 milestone, and the long push of testing and refining that lead up to it. Surely, the contributors have been taking a much-deserved rest in the time since then.

Well, they haven’t. Instead, they’ve been packing many, many new features into the next Rails. Scott includes many example code snippets in addition to just listing the upcoming features.

If you’re eager to get rolling with these new features, and would rather not wait for 1.1 to be fully released, follow these instructions from the wiki on how to start using EdgeRails now.


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