June 28, 2006

Posted by John

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Curious Where Rails is Heading?

If you are at all curious as to where Rails is heading in the next few months, you have to check out the DHH’s latest post, Discovering a world of resources. He also posted a pdf of some slides which detail what he mentioned in the post.

A sample from the post …

I believe that’s also what gave some people the chills at RailsConf. “Is DHH trying to to tighten the belts on the straight jacket of design once more?”, seemed to be the worrying notion. Why yes, I am. But this time its an entirely voluntary committal. The brave new world of resources is accessible by choice, not mandate. And if you want to continue on with your life with a notion of HTTP as merely an inconsequential transfer protocol unworthy of your attention, you’ll be more than free to do so.

As web services are one of my favorite topics in web development, I am extremely excited about where Rails is heading and I can’t wait to get involved with Active Resource.


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