August 04, 2006

Posted by John

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How to Use cURL to Test RESTful Rails

Duane Johnson just posted tutorial on how to use cURL to test a RESTful Rails app. A few of his examples are below.

  • -X [action]: Allows you to specify an HTTP action such as GET, POST, PUT or DELETE.

    curl -X DELETE http://localhost:3000/books/1
  • -d [parameter]: Lets you set variables as if they were POSTed in a form to the URL. Note that this automatically makes the request a POST HTTP action type (no -X necessary).

    curl -d "book[title]=Test" -d "book[copyright]=1998"
  • -H [header]: Gives you the option of setting an HTTP header such as Content-Type or Accept. This is particularly useful for requesting text/xml as the Accept type.

    curl -H "Accept: text/xml"

Be sure to check it out if you have been looking into CRUD and edge Rails.


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