September 02, 2006

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Flippin' Sweet Cheat Sheets

I have been enjoying Err for a while now. If you are not subscribed, I would highly recommend it. The latest Err post, Cheat, will most likely change the way I work from now on.

Err has created a cheat sheet gem which gives you a command line call that displays a particular ruby cheat sheet. I was just starting to put together a folder of printed cheat sheets but that didn’t feel like the answer. This, however, does.

When programming in Ruby and Rails, the command line is your best friend. Having these cheat sheets available there is a really great, simple idea. It’s funny how the best ideas are so simple they leaving you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

You can install the cheat sheet gem using the following command:

@$ sudo gem install cheat --source

Then to view a cheat sheet, such as the strftime formatting sheet, call:

@cheat strftime@

and you will receive a sweet list of all the date formatting options. They have also created a camping powered, wiki style site to add, edit and browse the cheat sheets. Yep, it’s open for everyone to modify. Check the site out and install the gem. Happy cheating!


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