December 03, 2008

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Watch John Speak, Drink John Drink

At our last ruby meetup, I spent a few minutes showing off HappyMapper. Jerry Richardson had just purchased a Flip Mino HD so he recorded a bit of it and threw it on Vimeo. He didn’t get the beginning and didn’t record to the end, but I was impressed with how easy and quick it was to get the video from Flip to Vimeo. Technology is cool!

Flip vs. Kodak

The code I’m explaining in the video is in the examples for HappyMapper. I’m really considering getting a Flip Mino HD myself and I’m curious if any of you have an suggestions or recommendations. The other I’m looking at is the Kodak Zi6. It might be a bit better in quality, but the Flip has such personality. Anyway, nothing big, just thought I would throw it up here as I thought it was cool.

Oh, also, only two of the beers were mine. :)


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