December 05, 2011

Posted by John

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Several times over the past few years, I have stated that GitHub is probably the only other place I could see myself working. Today, it is official. All of Ordered List has joined GitHub.

Maybe someday I’ll write about what Ordered List has meant to me, but today I am going to fully enjoy the present, instead of rambling about the past. I have no doubt great things will come of this.

You can read more at GitHub and Ordered List.


  1. That’s awesome :) Congratulations to you all!!!

  2. Congrats John. Wishing all of the Ordered List team continued success at GitHub. It’ll be interesting to see where it all goes from here!

  3. Congrats! Thrilled for y’all.

  4. Again, congrats. You still going to keep this site alive and kicking, or write some of this content on the github blog?

  5. Congrats John!

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