Getting Rails and Lighttpd running on Windows

Here are a couple of tutorials on installing Ruby on Rails on a Windows box. First is Kevin Worthington’s [“Ruby on Rails (RoR) with lighttpd on Windows (getting started)”](

> The following mini tutorial will start you on your way to setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment. Please note that I do not know how to program in the Ruby language. I am providing this tutorial due to the number of requests that I have received in the posts related to lighttpd. Please note that this basically gets you up and running and using lighttpd rather than Ruby’s built-in WEBrick web server.

And from the Rails wiki, is [How To Deploy With Lighttpd On Windows]( Where the first tutorial is more on getting everything installed, this one from the wiki goes into a little more detail on configuring Lighttpd on a Windows box.


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