January 31, 2006

Posted by John

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Rubyweaver Rails extension for Dreamweaver available

Rob Cameron has released his [Dreamweaver extension for Ruby on Rails files called Rubyweaver](http://www.ridingtheclutch.com/entry.cfm?id=58):

> I’ve been working on an extension for Dreamweaver that adds file support and code coloring for Ruby and Rails files. I posted a question about it on the Macromedia form and have had a couple people asking for a copy, so I’ve decided to make it official! I hearby release the Rubyweaver 1.0.0 extension for Dreamweaver MX 2004 and up…


  1. This is an excellent extension. I have been using it for weeks now and I am very happy with it.

  2. Hello,

    “I have already download this file, and lost it”.

    Can you send me this .mxp because i can’t find it “Rob Cameron” web site.

    thanks a lot.

  3. I’ve updated the old RubyWeaver and added a few features. You can get the new version here: http://rubyweaver.gilluminate.com/

  4. rodrigo rodrigo

    Apr 06, 2007

    this link http://rubyweaver.gilluminate.com/ is broken

  5. syntax highlighting doesn’t work for rb file. Does for rhtml though.

  6. matthew Kennedy matthew Kennedy

    Jun 06, 2007

    how do you get this to work with cs3 i keep getting a message couldn’t create folder Applications:Adobe Dreamweaver cs3: Strings’

  7. Uma Mahesh Varma Uma Mahesh Varma

    May 25, 2009

    its helps a lot for a developer to view the design view in the dreamweaver. this makes very easy for coder to make design changes.

    Thank You,

  8. I to cannot get rubyweaver installed in Dreamweaver CS4

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