February 27, 2007

Posted by John

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Open Up Your ID With Rails

DHH just committed an OpenID plugin and posted an article on it yesterday. For more on open id you can check out the following articles:

Like it or not, OpenID has gained a lot of ground in the past few weeks and it’s probably time for you to start looking at it. Personally, I have an account with myopenid.com and I’ve been enjoying signing on to my ma.gnolia account with it.

What are your thoughts on OpenID? Do you have an account that you use regularly? What sites do you use it on? Do you have concerns that were not raised in any of the articles above? I’m just curious to hear what others are thinking on this issue.


  1. I’ve found the comments on Tim Bray’s post more ueful than the post itself. They identify a few red herrings in the main post and give a much broader picture.

  2. @James – Just read the comments based on your suggestion. They are interesting.

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