February 28, 2007

Posted by John

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Helpful Railsmachine Scripts

Andrew Stewart just emailed me about a few scripts he has written which help with general maintenance and backups of railsmachine servers (or any server that has a similar setup, such as a slicehost account setup with deprec).

He currently has four scripts linked in the post:

If you have a railsmachine account or similar setup, definitely check them out. For those that don’t know, Andrew is the author of the css_dryer plugin.


  1. Useful scripts, but it seems that rake would be a better environment for these tasks, especially since it’s built into Rails?

    Also, logrotate does a great job of rotating logs and is installed on RailsMachine. Here’s what I use in /etc/logrotate.d/mongrel:

    /var/www/apps/myapp.com/shared/log/*log {
    rotate 7
    /etc/init.d/mongrel_cluster restart

  2. @topfunky – Agreed. I’m planning on moving them into rake tasks when I set them up on my account.

    I didn’t know about logrotate. Thanks for the logrotate script.

  3. @topfunky – good point. I didn’t know about logrotate either. That’s a good tip.

    @John – I look forward to replacing my scripts with your Rake tasks!

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