March 25, 2007

Posted by John

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Snitch: Tattling on your Subversion Commits

So a few weeks back, Chas, Bill and I were talking about how it would be cool to have some way of keeping track of who was committing what and when on various projects. We chatted a bit and I started to read about subversion hooks. The next night I had a rough working copy, but it was just that, rough.

I spent a bit more time on it and now I’m ready to release Snitch. It’s a simple gem with a command line helper that makes it really easy to send commit messages and the affected files to Campfire and Twitter.

It’s as simple as installing the gems, filling out a config file and adding a few lines to your repositories post-commit file in the hooks directory. Check out the rubyforge site I whipped up for more step-by-step installation instructions and example screenshots.

If you have ideas for services other than Campfire and Twitter, such as SMS, email, IM, Basecamp, etc. leave them in the comments here.


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