May 06, 2007

Posted by John

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Sexy Migrations

So migrations are brining sexy back…ok, I promise never to mention a JTimb song again on this blog, but it’s true. As of 6667, migrations got a bit of err inspiration. What use to look like this…

create_table "products" do |t| 
	t.column "shop_id",    :integer 
	t.column "creator_id", :integer 
	t.column "name",       :string,   :default => "Untitled" 
	t.column "value",      :string,   :default => "Untitled" 
	t.column "created_at", :datetime 
	t.column "updated_at", :datetime 

now can look like this…

create_table :products do |t| 
	t.integer :shop_id, :creator_id 
	t.string  :name, :value, :default => "Untitled" 

Very nice. Can’t wait to try it out.


  1. for the record, referring to him as JTimb is far worse than referencing lyrics in one of his songs.


    bye bye

  2. @Harle – True.

    @Ryan – Nice. Don’t worry, I have no intentions of treading on your “What’s new…” articles. I promise to only do it when I find the changeset particularly interesting. :)

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