May 20, 2007

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Newer: Saturday: Memcaching Rails

Saturday: Keynotes

Saturday Keynote

Tim Bray

“Sun loves Ruby.”

“All the other software developers are not asleep. They are watching and they are good. There is going to be some competition.”

Let’s assume rails succeeds beyond our wildest dreams. Will our problems be done? No, java, .net, and php will never go away. Deal with it.

How do we get all the things to talk together? Java.

Basic principals of rest

uri => resource => representation

Atom protocol

  1. start at publications uri; get is service document and extract uris for its collections.
  2. retrieve those collections, page at a time if they’re big, see what entries, pictures and so on you already have.
  3. post an atom entry to a collection. get back it’s uri (in an http header)
  4. post a picture in binary to a collection.
  5. put or delete an existing atom entry
  6. there is not step 6

Everything should have a publish button. Everything.

The Conventional Wisdom

  • Java: compute performance, tooling
  • PHP: web scaling, ease of use
  • Rails: time to market, maintainability

Which Matter?

  • time to market
  • maintainability


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