May 20, 2007

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Saturday: Memcaching Rails

memcaching rails
by chris wanstrath

memcache is just a hash. no each or keys. just set, get and delete.

you can cache fragments, actions, sessions and objects.

gem install memcache-client

cache-fu is an api around memcache client.

you can use namespaces to share memcache across rails apps.

use ip’s for config. faster because you don’t have to resolve dns.

anytime you do migrations you have to increment the acts_as_cache :version

libketama – from the guys, allows you to throw memcache servers in and out and not invalidate your keys

Chris did an amazing job which is why I don’t really have much for notes. :)

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    MemCache this MoFo
    I can serve Pages faster
    I make users smile

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