May 10, 2010

Posted by John

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MongoSF MongoMapper Video

April 30th at MongoSF, I gave a presentation on MongoMapper entitled “Mapping Ruby To and From Mongo”. The slides have been up for a while, but last night, the video was finally posted. The first 15 minutes of the presentation are about using MongoMapper, but the last 15 minutes cover extending it and the future. If you are into MM at all, I would recommend watching the second 15 for sure.




  1. Thanks for sharing! That Plugin functionality looks really nice!

  2. Full Rails 3 support would be a great thing. The fact that full support isn’t available yet is what’s keeping me using MySQL for new projects at this point.

  3. @Kieran: Not sure what you mean by full rails 3 support. It works just fine with Rails 3. Just because I am not using Active Model internally does not mean that it doesn’t work fine with Rails 3.

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