June 16, 2010

Posted by John

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RailsConf 2010

Unless you were born in a barn, you probably know that last week was RailsConf. Let me tell you folks, we had a blast. Several of the locals (Northern Indiana represent!) and I loaded up in a Dodge Sprinter and road tripped to Baltimore.

Pit Stop

We played Halo, watched movies, and a good deal of coding happened as well.


I have submitted presentations to every RailsConf and nearly every RubyConf since 2007 and rejection was my middle name. This year, I finally made the cut. My talk was titled “Don’t Repeat Yourself, Repeat Others”. The basic gist was how to improve.

You can hear the 2 minute summary on Ruby5. Based on feedback, I think it went really well, though not all are use to my speedy style. Below are the slides for those that have not perused them yet. Beware, there is a lot of code. :)

Gary V and Derek Sivers both had great keynotes. Definitely watch them. This year was really fun. The speakers seemed of higher quality than in the past and I really met a lot of people (which is what it is all about anyway). Glad to be home though.


  1. Any video footage for your talk?

  2. @Phil: Unfortunately no. Sorry!

  3. I thought your talk was great. Thanks for your good work.

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